TrueCycle helps you track your fertility. It's easy, empowering and just plain joyful.

What women are saying...

  • "With TrueCycle, I have gotten to know my body on a whole new level. I know what my cycle means and how it works."
  • "When I started using TrueCycle, I felt so free."
  • "Truecycle is really easy to use and I am happy I have it to help me keep track of my cycle and fertility."
  • "My husband commented 'why are you so happy all the time?' when I started using TrueCycle. He really noticed a difference."
How it works
As women, we don't always get a great education about our hormones, fertility, and when we can and cannot get pregnant. The info out there is often confusing, and the most helpful tips are stuck in books that are hundreds of pages long. This is where TrueCycle comes in. TrueCycle helps you master the most modern, scientific and effective fertility tracking method, called the symptothermal method. (See information from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the BBC, and the Mayo Clinic).

TrueCycle is built to be incredibly easy to use and understand. Each morning, you'll enter three pieces of information on the website or your phone each morning: your temperature, your fertility symptoms, and whether it's the first day of your period. In milliseconds, you'll get an explanation about your level of fertility and whether you've ovulated, along with a beautiful fertility chart, statistics about your body, and customizable alerts for you and your partner. Our Learn Center will teach you everything you need to know to get started.
Who it's for
TrueCycle is a great option for you if you match these characteristics:
  • 1
  • You are starting your conception journey and you want a no-nonsense guide to your fertility.
  • 2
  • You simply want a better understanding of how and why your body works the way it does.
  • 3
  • Women with all types of cycles can chart their fertility. Your fertility patterns will emerge more strongly if: your cycle is usually regular and lasts between 26 and 36 days; you've had at least 3 hormone/pill free cycles; you've been menstruating for at least the past 5 years.